April 12, 2012

Fireman's Hold 4 Sheet

So this may not seem anything special, but it IS to me:-)

I can't remember the last time a mere 52-ring chainmaille patch took me over 5 hours to finish.  It's almost embarrassing to admit it...  But I would have continued on some more if it weren't for the damn tax returns...

The weave is Fireman's Hold 4 Sheet as documented in MAIL's weave library, consisting of 4 units of Fireman's Hold 4.

A single unit of Fireman's Hold 4 is not too bad.  But when I got to the 16th cell, it nearly bit my head off!  Yes, that's how tough it is!

But the end result is quite lovely:-)  Rigid enough to be a sculpture, it can be turned into a pin, a pendant, or a hair clip; but probably not a button... (I've been somewhat obsessed with chainmaille buttons lately:-)

More views here.

6/11/2014 update:  I received an email from Sharon inquiring on this weave; so I thought it would be helpful to add some links to the original documented entries of this weave and a tutorial on MAIL library; these are where I learned how to make it; have fun!!

Fireman Hold 4 Sheet weave: http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/weavedisplay.php?key=626

And a tutorial by MaxumX on how to make it: http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.php?key=483


April 10, 2012

Fish a la Byzantine

A "Fish" in your hand.... :-)

Here's something whimsical to follow you everyday in your hand, your pocket, handbag, etc... Inspired by Scott D. Plumlee's designs, this fun little fish is outlined in chainmaille Byzantine weave, and connected to a moon shaped split ring. The fish is 2 1/4 inches long from lips to tail, 1 1/2 inches wide from fin to fin, and 3/8 inch thick, decorated with blue glass beads.

This cute fish fits perfectly in your palm, is not intrusive in your jean pocket, The metal used for the fish is bright aluminum, which is light weight and requires no maintenance. Another chainmaille example of form follows function! 

This key fob is available for purchase as custom orders on daisykreates.artfire.com.

April 2, 2012

Peppermint Candies

I've always had a fondness for Whirlybird. Not hard to tell, it's right on my avatar:-)  Its endless applications, or "Apps" for the i-generation, make it the Houdini of maille weaves! 

These cuties can pass by as peppermint candies, with rainbow colors! They are yummy enough you would want to take a bite out of them! My Peppermint Candies earrings are fun and cool to wear, just like the real candies:-)

The chainmaille pattern used here is Whirlybird, published by Noldolantë of Maille Artisans International League; it is an amazing combination of symmetry and whimsy. I selected anodized niobium and bright aluminum to create these earrings for maximum pinwheel effect! Wait till you hold them between your fingers; they have such a lovely tactile feel that they are almost bouncy:-)

Each Peppermint Candy measures 3/4 inch across, 7/16 inch thick, hangs about 7/8 inch long from the bottom of the ear wire to the bottom of the earring.