July 17, 2010

One Night at Denny's

This little guy begs for attention! Not only bursting with colors, but jingling like crazy too!

Yep, that's the name of the weave, One Night at Denny's. No clue how it came about, but sure is fun to make. I think the half-, semi-Trizantine knots look like little pots of flowers, see them?

I named this bracelet "One very jingly Night at Denny's" because it's crazily jingly. These bells are small, but high decibel. Too much for you? Well then take a look at the "light" version and the "quiet" version in here.


All rings are 18 SWG, 1.2mm, from Blue Buddha's sample packs; they're great! I get so much use out of them. The big connector rings are bronze; "flower pots" are anodized aluminum, AR 4.1; bells are connected "Shaggy Loops" style with jeweler's brass rings. I don't know what material the bells are, just that they jingle all right.

And last but not least, the split tail Fish Hook is my own design, out of 16 SWG Nb wire, hand forged then anodized.


July 15, 2010

Bath Time!!

Ducky and Bubbles! Bring back fond memories of childhood, don't they?

Bubbles weave is simple, fun, and quick to work up. If you can connect jump rings, you can do this. Just like many other basic weaves, this opens up lots of room for playing with variations, such as colors!

Speaking of colors, my camera is not doing justice to the beautiful colors of anodized Niobium rings. You really want to see these in person. Brilliant, mesmerizing, colors of rainbow, puts a smile on every face:-)


Almost the same as Jellybean Barrels, large rings are Niobium, 18 gauge, WD 1.2 mm, AR 5.5; smaller rings are stainless steel from the sample pack of base metal rings of Blue Buddha; and the clasp is hand-forged and anodized by none others than yours truly out of 16 gauge natural Nb wire from TRL.

How about some more photos? Yeah? Click here!


Jellybeans on Parade! Barrels of them:-)

Yep, that's the name of this weave, Jellybean Barrels! Or, to be exact, it's the Barrels version of Jellybean On Parade. Talk about boat loads of fun, isn't it? Just the name along puts everyone in a party mood:-) btw, this weave is aka Crow Chain; um, I'll stay with the parade for now:-)

OK, specs:

The inner 2x2 chain is 18 gauge, WD 1.2 mm, ID 6.6 mm, AR 5.5, stainless steel rings from C&T Designs; orbitals are same size Niobium rings from TRL; sterling silver toggle bought at San Gabriel Bead Company.

Check out more pix here.

July 8, 2010

Scary Weave

Relax, nothing scary here, just 2 new bracelets made in Scary Weave pattern. This is in response to Maillers Worldwide's July 2010 challenge.

I had wanted to try the weave for some time now; earlier attempts didn't go far; I had a hard time placing the connector rings. Base on the tutorial, I think it's meant to form a 3-tier step up or down, depending on how you look at it. But some photos of finished work out there show either a peak/valley style or multiple-ring-connection. I don't know which is which... They all look nice to me:-) Mine followed exact steps of the tutorial, and I must say, it's easier said than done. The Honey Bee connection was much easier.

Any who, here are the specs:

Copper and stainless steel square wire rings from C&T, 20-K, 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm, AR sized for HP4-1, so about 5ish. The stainless steel rings' AR seems wee bit smaller than copper; my attempt to make a "copper orbital on one side, steel the other" didn't work... it only flexed to the steel side. Photographed here is the remake on the copper/steel mix; it only comes up half a unit shorter than the all copper one.

RPI: This one measured 3 units per inch, so that makes it 21 rings per inch.

The heart clasp together with the catch rings are hand forged from 1.3 mm copper wire. I'm getting to be quite good at this:-)

The matching earrings came from extra units of the all copper bracelet; the ear wires are from 1.0 mm Niobium, handmade then anodized.

Enjoy the slide show!