December 19, 2012

Triple Barrel Earrings

Refreshing and airy, Triple Barrel Earrings are a pair of shimmering dangles with a pop of blue.

Made of bright aluminum jump rings, this earrings weight practically less than nothing, despite of their length at near 3 inches from top of the ear wire to bottom of the blue drop bead.

I set out to create a pair of earrings that are a simple twist on the chainmaille RSD weave, which stands for, wait... wait... Rhino Snorting Drano, I kid you not:-)

Instead of the common double version of Barrel weave, I alternate the single ring version and a triple-ring version, resulting in a soft woven tube of these Triple Barrel earrings.

The free-tilting rings, sandwiched between the triple stacked rings, add variations and movements, and a little spunky and funky! :-)

The earrings measure at nearly 3 inches long, and about half inch wide. 

The bright aluminum rings require no maintenance, stay shiny by themselves! The ear wires are silver plated surgical steel to match the bright aluminum rings.  And the baby blue drop beads are AB-coated for even more shiny; one can never have enough shinies:-)

For complete views of my RSD/Barrel earrings, click here.



Coiled Rainbow Earrings

Warm and fuzzy are rarely what describe chainmaille, until you get a hold of these little colorful trinkets.

Made in Rebeca Mojica's Coiled technique, these earrings are fun and cheerful, perfect companion from holiday cocktail parties to everyday errand runs.

Do not be fooled by the dainty size, these anodized niobium rings pack a powerful color punch when light shines on them.

These little giants measure a little over 2 and a half inches long, 5/8-inch wide.

And they are made out of nothing but stainless steel and anodized niobium, two of my all time favorite material, not only for their stable nature, also requiring no maintenance for a long time to come.

These cuties are available for purchase in my online studio

Complete views here in my Picasa Web Album.



Graduated JPL Earrings

A pair of golden earrings made in a unique, spiral chainmaille weave known as Jens Pind Linkage, or JPL for short.

JPL has a distinct repeated spiraling pattern that is mesmerizing to the eye.  I empathize this quality by selecting increasingly larger rings to create the graduated effect.

  The result is a gentle flair from top to bottom.  Pairing with the warm tone of jewelry brass, these lovely golden drops will dress up any outfit in your wardrobe.

These earrings measure at 2 inches long, a mere 3/8-inch wide for the largest ring, and are made of solid jewelry brass rings.

These earrings are available for purchase on my online ArtFire studio.

For complete views of my JPL creations, please visit my Picasa Web Albums.



Chainmaille Christmas Tree

Peace on Earth

Six tiered, anodized aluminum and bright aluminum in graduated sizes of Whirlybird, 4 inches tall from bottom to top of hummingbird, 2 1/2 inches wide at the base.

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December 17, 2012

Iris's Genie Bottle Earrings - aka. Chainmaille Whirlybird Earrings

Iris, the Greek goddess of the sea and the sky.

Thanks to the new and improved chainmaille materials, the colors of the metal rings are bright and shiny, perfectly matching to the sparkly Swarovski crystals.

The Iris Genie Bottle Earrings hang off a simple pair of surgical steel ear wires that will not detract from the focal point.

Each earring measures at 1/2--inch wide, about 2 1/2-inch long, just the right size for comfortable all-day wear without disappearing:-)

Show off these genie bottle earrings and sprinkle the bouquet of joy over your shoulders!

This item is available for purchase in my online studio

For complete line of my Iris Genie Bottle creation, please visit my Picasa Web Albums.



December 14, 2012

B2+1 Cross Earrings

A lovely pair of silver color cross earrings, accented with gold color edgings and crystals.

These earrings are made with bright aluminum jump rings to ensure a comfortable wear and free of maintenance.

To define the outer edge of the cross motif, I selected anodized aluminum rings in gold tone, plus silver and gold color Swarovski crystals to echo the overall color scheme.

Each earring measures at 2 1/4 inches of overall length, 1 inch across at the widest portion.

For a little extra on the chainmaille pattern used for these earrings:

The main body of the earrings is constructed in the chainmaille weave called "B2+1".  It is a modern extension based on the classic Byzantine weave.  B2+1 uniquely offers the cross shape a crisp clear form, "plus" a firm hold on the axis.  

A delightful interpretation of less is more.

This item is available for custom order in my online studio

For complete views of the B2+1 Cross earrings, please visit my Picasa Web Albums.

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December 13, 2012

Full Persian Droplets Earrings

Tiered, graduated, rounded, looking fluidly, and extremely tactile ...

These earrings are woven in the classic chainmaille pattern of Full Persian 6 in 1, with graduated sizes of jump rings in bright aluminum and rainbow anodized niobium, gathered at the bottom with an AB-coated glass drop bead.

Their airy structure makes them comfortable to wear, the surface texture and gentle shape fun to hold in between your fingers.

Measuring at just 1 3/4-inch long, 1/4-inch wide at the fullest tier, these water droplets are just the right size for all sorts of fun outings.

As with many of my other chainmaille earrings, I chose bright aluminum as the main metal to construct them, not only for the bright white color and feather weight, also the advantage of no maintenance what so ever!

For the splash of colors, I hand anodized the niobium jump rings for a rainbow effect in the middle tier, a calling to the spectrum of colors on surface of water puddles during a rainy day!

And with a pair of glass drop beads, the water droplets are complete:-)

For more views and color options of the drop beads, check out my Picasa Web Albums.


Multi-Color Nova Earrings

Shiny and Fun, perfect combo to bring along with you everyday of the week!

Credits of the Nova design goes to Jassica Johnson of Red Panda ChainMail, even though these are not your traditional chainmaille technique:-)

None the less, they are cute and sassy, with a multitude of colors mixed in each earring.

Instead of being matchy matchy (is that a word? ha, ha, ha!), I picked out 7 colors rubber rings and placed them in slightly different locations between  in each side, creating a sense of movement without the actual, physical movement:-)

Each nova measures at almost 1 1/4-inch wide, 3/8-inch thick, and hangs off of a surgical steel ear wire.

Light as feathers, while still packing a punch of presence.

Add these shinies to your everyday wardrobe and feel the power of each nova perking up all around you!

More views on my Picasa Web Albums

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December 10, 2012

Japanese Dodecahedron Earrings in Stainless Steel and Rainbow Niobium

That's a mouthful for a name...  But fear not!

  Look closer at them, you'll see pops of neon colors dance around a stainless steel sphere, with sparkling crystals lightly tugging at the bottom of those dainty steel tassels.

They are in fact rather playful.

Measuring at a tad over 2 inches long and 3/4 inch wide, they're comfortable to wear, and ready to show off your new sassy hair do.

These cuties are handcrafted with stainless steel and niobium jump rings as my favorite modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese chainmaille weave.

I place the spheres near the ear wires to avoid the pendulum effect while allowing the dangling tassels and crystals to add movement and sparkles. 

These earrings are available for purchase in my ArtFire studio.

More photos of these earrings are in my Picasa Web Albums.