December 13, 2012

Multi-Color Nova Earrings

Shiny and Fun, perfect combo to bring along with you everyday of the week!

Credits of the Nova design goes to Jassica Johnson of Red Panda ChainMail, even though these are not your traditional chainmaille technique:-)

None the less, they are cute and sassy, with a multitude of colors mixed in each earring.

Instead of being matchy matchy (is that a word? ha, ha, ha!), I picked out 7 colors rubber rings and placed them in slightly different locations between  in each side, creating a sense of movement without the actual, physical movement:-)

Each nova measures at almost 1 1/4-inch wide, 3/8-inch thick, and hangs off of a surgical steel ear wire.

Light as feathers, while still packing a punch of presence.

Add these shinies to your everyday wardrobe and feel the power of each nova perking up all around you!

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