December 13, 2012

Full Persian Droplets Earrings

Tiered, graduated, rounded, looking fluidly, and extremely tactile ...

These earrings are woven in the classic chainmaille pattern of Full Persian 6 in 1, with graduated sizes of jump rings in bright aluminum and rainbow anodized niobium, gathered at the bottom with an AB-coated glass drop bead.

Their airy structure makes them comfortable to wear, the surface texture and gentle shape fun to hold in between your fingers.

Measuring at just 1 3/4-inch long, 1/4-inch wide at the fullest tier, these water droplets are just the right size for all sorts of fun outings.

As with many of my other chainmaille earrings, I chose bright aluminum as the main metal to construct them, not only for the bright white color and feather weight, also the advantage of no maintenance what so ever!

For the splash of colors, I hand anodized the niobium jump rings for a rainbow effect in the middle tier, a calling to the spectrum of colors on surface of water puddles during a rainy day!

And with a pair of glass drop beads, the water droplets are complete:-)

For more views and color options of the drop beads, check out my Picasa Web Albums.


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