June 29, 2010


What I've been up to:

Most of these haven't been photographed yet. I moved on from one to next, wanting to test out as many weaves as I can; but there are sssooooooo many out there; it's like what they say: So many weaves, so little time:-)

More details to come soon; for now, just a quick glance:
  • Shaggy loops (lower left corner) - bracelet and matching earrings in copper, brass, bright aluminum
  • Persephone (lower right) - bracelet, with hand forged infinity toggle, in copper
  • Tetra Orbs (upper leftmost) - 2 pairs of earrings in bright aluminum with Swarovski cube crystals
from here onto the right:
  • Japanese Lace - 2 bracelets in stainless steel and anodized niobium
  • GSG-3 rows - bracelet in natural niobium and matching earrings in natural titanium
  • Half Persian (HP) 4in1 - bracelet in anodized niobium
  • HP 4in1 - bracelet in anodized titanium
  • HP 3in1 (top row, above all bracelets) - finger ring in anodized niobium
  • HP 4in1 (top row, above all bracelets) - hair clip decoration in anodized niobium
  • HP 3in1 Sheet 5 - 2 bracelets, 20 gauge and 18 gauge bright aluminum
  • Oval (or Persian Dragonscale) - bracelet in 18 ga BA
  • Roundmaille - bracelet in 18 ga BA
  • Turkish Round - 2 bracelets, 18 ga and 16 ga BA
  • Helm (or Parallel) - 18 ga BA
  • Dragonscale - 18 ga BA
  • JPL-3 - 16 ga BA
  • JPL What-If variations - 2 bracelets, with 18 ga BA interspersed by larger ID anodized aluminum rings
  • Double Spiral Half Byzantine + 1 - bracelet in 18 ga stainless steel square wire rings (this name is quite a mouthful, however the weave turned out like little flower basket, very cute!)

June 27, 2010

More Hourglass: Dodecahedron and Truncated Icosahedron

I was already plenty giddy with an Hourglass tetrahedron; then I read Ferrousknight's tutorial on M.A.I.L., and saw the photos in the gallery. Forget food and sleep, I've got to make myself some of these!!

Dodecahedron is a fun and rather quick one to make. I forget how many rings... only that I had to disassemble my first HG tetrahedron, reused the rings here; and then it's still not enough... Finally had to pull out my stash of 18 gauge copper wire to make up the rest. Ideal AR s/b about 7.5 to 8.3; my copper rings went way over that; can't find the right size mandrel around my house; this is the best I had at the time.

Bright aluminum rings are R18 ALUM from Blue Buddha, 18 gauge, WD 1.2 mm, actual ID 9.5 mm, AR ~8. Copper rings are made from 18 gauge wire, WD 1.1 mm, ID about 10 mm, yeah, I know, bit too big, that's why they all have 3-ring connectors, compared to 2 on the BA rings.

Pretty neat, wouldn't you say?

OK, here's the truncated icosahedron. I had to google/wiki around to learn what that is. Want to know what it is? Try this; go ahead, I'll wait.

Got it? Good. Pretty interesting, wouldn't you say? I thought so.

Here's one made with Hourglass units. Looks complicated? Not really, once I got the concept, it's rather simple and elegant, almost zen.

So my hand cut rings leave lots room for improvement, the AR's were all over the place, copper and brass wires have lots spring back, and the last roll of aluminum wire was so weak that it kinked like every other inch.

But I had loads of fun! Believe me when I say practice makes perfect; this little boy has over 500 rings! (something like 540 in total, according to the math, but don't hold me to it....)

Now I'm obsessed. I'm making a chainmaille soccer ball, in black and white rings, yay!!!

June 16, 2010

Hourglass Tetrahedron

I did it! I did it! Took me a long, long time, but I finally made it! My first Hourglass Tetrahedron!

Can't say I remember all the steps, but it's here! Many thanks to FalloftheNoldor's video clip on YouTube; I must have replayed the clip a zillion times before completing this cutie.

UPDATE for ring stats:
All one size rings, 16 gauge swg, bright aluminum, with actual WD 1.6 mm, ID 10.10 mm, AR ~6.31;
or simply: Size T16 BA from Blue Buddha.

Now it's time for dissecting it, really understanding how it's put together. I would LOVE to make a garden ornament out of copper tubing, yeah!!

So cute! Can't wait to show them off:-)