December 23, 2015

Holiday Trinket 2015

Apologies for being a little (more than) tardy for my yearly holiday trinket creation...  But, better late than never :-)

Ta Da!  A minimalist, tall and skinny Christmas tree made in European Vertebrae with graduated sizes of rings, in various materials and colors, complete with its own decoration of dangling rings!  Plus a tree topper with a Rosetta-edged whirlybird and a wire wrapped bead cap.

OK, let me guess what you're thinking, "That's not much of a tree"...  Hey, there's nothing wrong with ad hoc mailling, specially when my hands are still hurting from wrestling with those thick niobium wires, not to mention it's a great way to recycle, improvise, and learn something new at the same time.

So, what have I learned in making this tree?  Quite a few:

1.  The dangling rings in the middle of the "tree trunk" add colors, dimension, and movement.  They are forgiving in AR, so great way to incorporate the orphan rings!
..................::: ooOO:::..................

2.  Got any bead about the right size to fit in one of the big rings?  Put a wire thru the bead, wrap a single loop on each side, and thread thru the big "tree trunk" rings, for extra bling!

3.  Then there's the tree topper.  Well, I cheated a little on this one ;-)  If you had visited this blog from back when I first started mailling, you may have seen my Rosetta whirlybird bead from 2010, and the wire wrapped bead cap from even before my chainmaille days.  I've been saving them for the right spot to shine, and here they are!  String them together on top of a white flower bead, form a double loop on each end, and there is the adorable angel with the fluffiest ruffle collard!!

Well, what can I say, imagination has always been my best friend, LOL!

♥ Happy Holidays, everyone ♥