June 12, 2015

Sharon H.'s Custom Designed Jewelry Set in Ghenghiz Cohen Chainmaille Weave

Not much can be compared to this puppy; nothing ever even come close :-)

When Sharon told me she found a couple of pieces in my studio catching her eyes and would like to have something made to match the B²+1 Maltese Cross earrings, I thought, "Wow, that would be pretty!"


Well, it's way more than pretty, it's awe inspiring!!

It's substantial, sparkly, eye-catching, ...  100% spectacular!!

The cross focal is 3 inches long including the crystal dangles, 2 inches across, nearly half inch thick, built with mostly 14 gauge SWG round wire rings in bright aluminum and jewelry brass, with the hidden "queen ring" of the B²+1 unit in 12 gauge that called for some serious muscles out of this old lady, LOL!!

Ah, but the end result is a mesmerizing, three-dimensional texture that is extremely sensual to the touch, if you don't mind me saying so.  I seriously pat myself on the back for this most fabulous chainmaille motif I've ever created!!

  Yup, you probably have to be a chainmaille diehard like me to fully appreciate this level of euphoria!  But I won't lie, those big and shiny Swarovski gold and silver crystals are the magical touch that really made the whole thing pop!  By the way, I'll share a little tip just in case anyone ever runs into this:  Apparently Swarovski doesn't make Aurum 2X bicones in 8mm, only up to 6mm, now you know :-)

To match the brilliance of this gorgeous necklace, Sharon picked out the same Ghenghiz Cohen weave for the matching bracelet, but with an upgraded size of my Moon Rise toggle clasp for closure.

I must admit, for as many Moon Rise toggles I've made, each one is still an adventure to create, specially when it's made with thicker and harder metal than pure copper.  What we see here is actually the 4th one that finally fit the bill just right, hence the saying, "No two are exactly alike!" :-)

For more views of the necklace and bracelet, they are currently available in my online studio DaisyKreates.com.


June 6, 2015

Tool Storage

So I've been hoarding, uh.... I mean, keeping many tools for my crafting activities.  It started out with a cutter and some pliers, all fit in a small pencil box.  Then before I knew it, they grew into a collection of their own!!

I had struggled to find a way to store and organize them, in a way that they are easily accessible, can be quickly identified, either by sight or by touch, and I want them to be mobile, because I like moving things around :-)

Years ago, I had this "not so little" DIY tool box made out of 3 shipping cardboard boxes.  The small and medium ones hold the pliers, note book, and what not.  They all sit in the middle of the lid of the large box.

When I'm done using them, I put the large box on, and the whole thing goes onto the shelf.

Pretty neat, right?!

Then time goes on, and I managed to further my hoarding career...  Yes, it might as well be a career since I can't seem to stop it!  Now I use all sorts of pliers, cutters, hammers, hand saws, anvils, plus wires, chains, tubing, etc.  Time to reorganize!

The goal is to keep the tools handy, mobile, and out of the way when done.

And here's what I got!  My rolling tool cart.  What do you think?

I love this wire cart!  So much so, I got two of them:-)  Here's how I use one of them.
  • The most used tools, that'd be the pliers and cutters, go on the side-hanging, recycled priority mail boxes.  They're just held to the cart with some masking tape for now, since I'm not one for commitments :-)
  • On the corners are the sharp and pointy cutters in scissors pouches so I don't accidentally stab myself.
  • In the hanging folders are wires from 8 gauge down to 30.
  • At the bottom are more pliers, mandrels, hand saw, with all the heavy duty hammers and anvils.

The best part?  When I'm all done, it rolls underneath my work table :-)  It's out of sight, and most importantly, out of way!!

Pretty cool, yeah? :-)  I love the fact that it's on wheels, so the whole thing can be moved around easily.  I got these wire carts from Costso, they are fabulous!  Lots of configuration, sturdy solid wheels, holds up well and rolls smoothly!

Now only if I can get my whole studio organized as well....

....  ;-)  ....