May 27, 2012

Japanese Polyhedron Earrings - Pink

If you like hot pink, these cuties are for you!!!

Made of anodized niobium and anodized aluminum, this is a pair of eye catching earrings that will light up any outfit!

The Japanese chainmaille weave uses the right angle connections between rings, creating the modern, geometric frame for this airy, funky looking "architecture" for your ear lopes:-)

Each earring measures 1 1/2 inches from bottom of the ear wire, and 1/2 inch wide. The glass drop beads have a matching hot pink hue with AB coating for extra sparkles. The ear wires are surgical stainless steel and hypoallergenic.

Visit my online album for complete views.

May 26, 2012

Genie Bottle Pendant

A chainmaille genie bottle to safe guard your dreams and answer your wishes!

Remember "I dream of Jeannie"?  What fun that was!  Quite a number of impressive icons came from that show, and the one stayed clearly in my memory is the genie bottle on the beach!  The curvy shape, the vivid colors, and the ancient patterns, yeah I'm talking about the bottle!!!

To re-create the iconic genie bottle in chainmaille takes a bit of imagination and lots of experimentation.  And once again, the ever versatile Whirlybird weave answered my call!

This genie bottle is not like any other genie bottle; its colors are vibrant and playful, its shape airy and modern; it hangs on the chain with a slight tilt, like a mischievous genie ready to take you along for some marvelous adventure!

The chainmaille Genie Bottle pendant is 2 inches long, made with bright and anodized aluminum jump rings and Swarovski crystals; the tassel is 1 1/2 inches long in stainless steel; and the bottle hangs on a 32-inch long stainless steel diamond-cut curb chain.

Want more views?  Click here:-)

This pendant/necklace is available for custom order in my online studio

~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~
Thanks to Noldolantë of MailleArtisanInternationalLeague for the creation of Whirlybird weave, the main body of my Genie Bottle design.



May 23, 2012

Tripoli Triangle Bracelet

Took me quite a while, but it's well worth it...........

Based on Scott David Plumlee's ingenious design of Tripoli Triangle, six of the Tripoli Triangle units are simply connected end to end.  I tried out a few other ways to link them up; in the end, I chose the easiest one; no muss, no fuss; nothing to distract attention from the intricate, lacy design of each little triangle.

The lovely bracelet shows off the unique combination of Byzantine and Mobius, the two ever popular chainmaille weaves.  With every movement of the wrist, each tiny jump ring of the Tripoli points reflects the light in all directions, giving a soft sparkle that's the trade mark of Byzantine weave.

Each of the six Tripoli Triangles is an equilateral triangle measuring 1 1/8 inches on each side.  The total length of the bracelet, including the handcrafted heart clasp in natural niobium, is 7 1/2 inches, with a thin profile at 3/16th of an inch.  All jump rings are bright aluminum for light weight and no maintenance required.

More views of the bracelet are available here.

This bracelet is also available for purchase in my ArtFire online store.


May 21, 2012

Tripoli Triangle

I must have been drugged.... for 2 days straight.... by this little triangle!!!

It's another shameless copy of Scott David Plumlee's masterful play on Byzantine weave.  From the first moment I saw it, I was hooked; yet it took me nearly a year to finally make a successful Tripoli Triangle.

No, it's not hard.  Anyone who's done Byzantine and Mobius can figure out how to make this.  But the devil is in the details.  Took me a while to find just the right size rings to create a sturdy yet still flexible chainmaille pendant.  Mind you, this is not a sculpture:-)

Before getting this one done just right, I went thru several iterations; I like some guess work with some math when it comes to chainamille...:-)  This one is my favorite so far; it has 2 ring sizes: 19 swg, BA, wrapped on 1/8" mandrel, actual AR about 3.35; large rings are 16 swg, BA also, wrapped on 7/32" mandrel.  Won't surprise me these are not the sizes that Master Plumlee used, but this combination works for me.  So I made another one, and another, one more, etc.  Now I'm tempted to try his Sequential Triangle bracelet......

This little triangle is totally addictive!