June 29, 2010


What I've been up to:

Most of these haven't been photographed yet. I moved on from one to next, wanting to test out as many weaves as I can; but there are sssooooooo many out there; it's like what they say: So many weaves, so little time:-)

More details to come soon; for now, just a quick glance:
  • Shaggy loops (lower left corner) - bracelet and matching earrings in copper, brass, bright aluminum
  • Persephone (lower right) - bracelet, with hand forged infinity toggle, in copper
  • Tetra Orbs (upper leftmost) - 2 pairs of earrings in bright aluminum with Swarovski cube crystals
from here onto the right:
  • Japanese Lace - 2 bracelets in stainless steel and anodized niobium
  • GSG-3 rows - bracelet in natural niobium and matching earrings in natural titanium
  • Half Persian (HP) 4in1 - bracelet in anodized niobium
  • HP 4in1 - bracelet in anodized titanium
  • HP 3in1 (top row, above all bracelets) - finger ring in anodized niobium
  • HP 4in1 (top row, above all bracelets) - hair clip decoration in anodized niobium
  • HP 3in1 Sheet 5 - 2 bracelets, 20 gauge and 18 gauge bright aluminum
  • Oval (or Persian Dragonscale) - bracelet in 18 ga BA
  • Roundmaille - bracelet in 18 ga BA
  • Turkish Round - 2 bracelets, 18 ga and 16 ga BA
  • Helm (or Parallel) - 18 ga BA
  • Dragonscale - 18 ga BA
  • JPL-3 - 16 ga BA
  • JPL What-If variations - 2 bracelets, with 18 ga BA interspersed by larger ID anodized aluminum rings
  • Double Spiral Half Byzantine + 1 - bracelet in 18 ga stainless steel square wire rings (this name is quite a mouthful, however the weave turned out like little flower basket, very cute!)

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