December 19, 2012

Triple Barrel Earrings

Refreshing and airy, Triple Barrel Earrings are a pair of shimmering dangles with a pop of blue.

Made of bright aluminum jump rings, this earrings weight practically less than nothing, despite of their length at near 3 inches from top of the ear wire to bottom of the blue drop bead.

I set out to create a pair of earrings that are a simple twist on the chainmaille RSD weave, which stands for, wait... wait... Rhino Snorting Drano, I kid you not:-)

Instead of the common double version of Barrel weave, I alternate the single ring version and a triple-ring version, resulting in a soft woven tube of these Triple Barrel earrings.

The free-tilting rings, sandwiched between the triple stacked rings, add variations and movements, and a little spunky and funky! :-)

The earrings measure at nearly 3 inches long, and about half inch wide. 

The bright aluminum rings require no maintenance, stay shiny by themselves! The ear wires are silver plated surgical steel to match the bright aluminum rings.  And the baby blue drop beads are AB-coated for even more shiny; one can never have enough shinies:-)

For complete views of my RSD/Barrel earrings, click here.



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