July 15, 2010

Bath Time!!

Ducky and Bubbles! Bring back fond memories of childhood, don't they?

Bubbles weave is simple, fun, and quick to work up. If you can connect jump rings, you can do this. Just like many other basic weaves, this opens up lots of room for playing with variations, such as colors!

Speaking of colors, my camera is not doing justice to the beautiful colors of anodized Niobium rings. You really want to see these in person. Brilliant, mesmerizing, colors of rainbow, puts a smile on every face:-)


Almost the same as Jellybean Barrels, large rings are Niobium, 18 gauge, WD 1.2 mm, AR 5.5; smaller rings are stainless steel from the sample pack of base metal rings of Blue Buddha; and the clasp is hand-forged and anodized by none others than yours truly out of 16 gauge natural Nb wire from TRL.

How about some more photos? Yeah? Click here!


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