October 20, 2008

Jewel Encrusted Cuff

This cuff is substantial, to say the least. I first saw a cuff by Jodi Bombardier in Wire Style. Really liked it and wanted one for myself. Unfortunately, Wire Style is not big on step by step instructions. I followed the basic steps, then the wrapping got more and more confusing as I finished the first round. Half way thru, I gave upon the book, went on my own way of wrapping, hours and hours of wrapping.
I'm pretty happy with the outcome; but not sure if this is production worthy; after all, this is not a style for everyone.
Materials: 12ga Argentium silver for the frame, 26ga sterling silver for wrapping, 4 citrine beads, lots of fresh water pearls, glass beads, charlottes, and spacers.
More views here.

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  1. Hi there. Yes, this is not a production cuff as it is work intensive and I also agree that Wire Style is not big on step by step instructions (probably due to limited space allowed). I am sorry you were frustrated with the cuff instructions in the book. I do believe this is an advanced project and it is a difficult cuff to make. I have written a new tutorial for this cuff that is very detailed and would be happy to send you a free copy if you are interested. Email: Jodi@Jewels-By-Jules.com

    Best regards,
    Jodi Bombardier