May 25, 2009

2 New CM Bracelets

After 3 months away from chainmaille, I'm still addicted, more so than ever.

This time, I'm trying out Niobium and stainless steel rings.  I read a lot about different tempers and materials of wire, but nothing prepares me for actually working with them.  These are both 18ga rings, 1/4" ID, making them about 5 in AR.  But they're from 2 different companies; by the look and feel, the Nb rings are about 18swg, and the stainless steel rings are closer to 18awg. The temper of Nb rings is just under half hard compared to dead soft sterling silver; not too difficult to work with, I get used to them quickly.  But the stainless steel rings are definitely more springy than half hard, gave my arms a good workout.  Another nice thing about stainless steel rings: They don't mar as easily.  I got these rings from C&T Designs; they're saw cut, smooth and clean; will definitely try their Nb rings next time.

OK, the specs:

The box chain bracelet is made of stainless steel rings, with a hand forged 12awg Argentium sterling silver clasp
 (I don't have any stainless steel wire on hand; might as well, anything thicker than 18ga stainless steel is out of my league, for now.)

The Half Persian 4-in-1 bracelet is made of Nb rings, with a hand forged 16ga Nb clasp.

Both are 8 1/2" long.

Dave, I hope they make your day:-)

More images here.  C&C welcome.


  1. Awesome!!!! Pure awesomeness...I wear it every day :-)

  2. Oh yeah, anonymous is "Dave"....:-)