September 24, 2009

Orbital Rings

The very first time I saw these hammered rings on Step-by-Step Wire, I wanted to try them! I like the shape, the idea, the method, the unlimited use of the technique, not to mention my long time obsession with the asteroid belt of Saturn, and the fact I already ran out 18 ga wire and anything thicker. Being able to build something solid with 20 ga wire works perfectly for me.

These rings are surprising easy to make, and they let out lots of frustration, if you got them... The magazine showed the rings used in a necklace; I didn't have time to make that many rings; so here's a shorter version as a bracelet.

Each ring comes out differently of course since it's all hand wrapped and hammered. But I love the way the wire curves show up like thin ribbons. I specially like the toggle bar, which is my own design (if you can call that a design); it reminds me the bundled scrolls from traditional Japanese designs.

I'm thinking of other shapes, triangles, squares, whatever! Maybe a matching pair of earrings, and finger rings too. Can you tell I like it a lot?! :-)

More views here.

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