February 15, 2011

More Oops Rings

Five more, to be exact! :-)

I started out wanting to fix my first Oops ring so that it's more of a "common" size. So that took a while to take apart the original, reduced 1 column, then split it horizontally into two, and this is where I started having lots of WT? moments...

Learning how to do Oops went really fast for me; that usually also meant I never fully understood how it's supposed to be.  Ah, but nothing like repairing a weave to truly let it sink in.

And when it did (that's aka. the light bulb moment), it finally made sense for me; then it happened, a temporary insanity set in, I made one in sterling 20 gauge (awg), then a 22, both in saw cut rings by me:-) Then I noticed I have some bright aluminum rings, WD 0.75mm, from TRL, that are perfect size for Oops; so that's another one (we'll call this a prototype:-)

But the last one is my favorite: Over 7 feet of 24 gauge 1/2 hard sterling, wound on 1.6mm mandrel, then saw cut into tiny ant-size rings, woven together for the most comfortable ring I've ever made or seen!

I lost track of time in making this ring; but it's about 4 long evenings and nights, lots of searching for dropped rings, several 'huh" moments, and a few times swearing, not to mention some unavoidable silver saw dust that may be lodged in my lungs ...

But this is my pride and joy! Light weight and sturdy, slides on my finger with ease but won't fall out when I wash my hands. Giving myself a big pat on the back. Good job, Daisy:-)

You got to check out more photos here (hee hee:-)

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