February 20, 2012

Bollywood by way of Byzantine

If you already speak Maillese (yep, that's a word now, in my dictionary), you may think, "Byzantine? Where?"  Ahh, but they're there; see them?  This is a version of the Staggered Byzantine family that hit the sweet spot right in between Staggered Byzantine Halves and Sheet.  So maybe, a one-row sheet? Hee hee...

Even if you're not a maille-head, I hope you'll still find this bracelet a joy to hold and wear, just for the pure delight of the curves, the colors, and the gentle hug on your wrist.

Made of small, light weight bright aluminum jump rings, the frame work of the bracelet alone is no small feat, consisting of over 480 jump rings, while remaining flexible and almost elastic.

For as much as I believe less is more, sometimes, more is just so much better:-)  I could never resist adding pops of colors here and there.  And if you don't mind me saying, the random combination of red and gold beads adds an opulent, exotic flair.  Can you say, Bollywood?!!! :-)


Rings: BA, from TRL, 19 swg, 9/64" ID.
Beads: Faceted glass cylinder beads, strung on SoftFlex wire.
Clasp: 3-point tube slider.
The bracelet measures at 7 3/4" long, just a tad shy of 1" wide, low side-profile at 3/16" thick.

This item is available for purchase or special order in my online studio DaisyKreates.com.

Custom orders welcome.  Please also note that use of different metals and beads may result in slightly different length and width, as well as clasp to accommodate the overall design.

More views available here.

Comments and critiques welcome.

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