February 5, 2015

Forged Heart Pendant

Following my original design of S-hook clasp, I went on to experiment with more complex versions.  One of the variations was the whimsical ducky clasp, which is a stylized ducky outline complete with a pointy tail, folded wing, and a long beak that easily catches and releases to function as a clasp.

Alternatively, when I bring the beak closer to touch the duck body, then turn the duck side way, it becomes a shapely heart!  Additional bending and forging of the wire creates the varying thickness in the final heart shape, reminiscent of calligraphy but with metal.

Since I can never stay with just one color, this newly re-purposed clasp got a rainbow dip in the anodizing pool, so to speak (hahaha, I crack myself up!)

OK, so it's pretty easy so far.  Finishing the heart clasp on a necklace is a different story.  Deciding where to add the crystals, how to hang the pendant, what kind of neck ware, and how does it clasp, etc etc...  The devil is always in the detail.

But I must say I'm pretty happy with the results.  Every little part fits together finally and nicely, making it a one of a kind necklace that's dainty in scale but bold in presence.  Icing on the cake?  This beauty went straight to a dear friend the second it's listed ;-)

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