December 22, 2017

Holiday Trinket 2017 - Recycled Snowman Pendant

Introducing my 2017 Holiday Trinket:  Recycled mobius snowman pendant with JPL scarf!

Does that look like a snowman?  Oh boy, I hope it does :-)

Here's a closer look.

There's the small mobius as snowman's head, big mobius as the body, a tiny pink and purple mobius sits flat on top of the head as the rim of its hat, with a white rubber ring on the very top to hold all in place.

Then there's the JPL scarf wrapped around the neck, with couple of purple Swarovski bicone beads decorating the ends.  Dangling in the center is another couple crystals as the snowman's buttons.  Ah, perhaps this next picture shows better, right?

So you may be thinking, why "recycled"?  It's because the whole pendant is made of recycled components.

The snowman's head and body were a segment of Dorothy's necklace that broke off after she and Pepper were battling for world dominance in my backyard few weeks ago; nobody won; but the only obvious loser was the necklace...

When I found the broken piece of the big and small mobius units, I thought, "Wow, don't these two look like a snowman?!"  So I went to my stash of experiments, and found the short length of JPL, also in bright aluminum, the perfect scarf for the snowman; then a tiny pink and purple mobius that was part of failed flower earrings; together with an orphan rubber ring in what make for the snowman's hat on a simple wrap loop head pin.

The only thing left was to add some bling; which is never in short supply on my "scrap stash".  So two go on the scarf ends; two more hang in center as the buttons.

Now I just need a necklace to hang it.  Interestingly, I couldn't find any appropriate neck chain in the recycle pile.  So there goes the brand new metal mesh ribbon in lime green!  I've always wanted to use the metal mesh ribbon but couldn't find a right project, until now, that is...

So here it is, my 2017 holiday trinket, the newly recycled snowman pendant!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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