January 26, 2009

Mobius Ball??

A few days ago, I made a flower knot, or at least that's how I saw it, since it's more cushy than a flower weave, making it more of a knot. Any way, today, I came across this page (scroll down to end of web page) on a chainmaille site which says there's a name for this little flower. It's called a "mobius ball" and the web page mentioned this is a "patented" weave. Not sure what that means... I never saw that web page before making this flower knot (yes, I call it a flower knot); as far as I know, this is just a version of the good old flower/rosette weave, what's there to patent about? Is there a patent for the flower weave?

I'm all for protecting intellectual properties; but how does this work???


  1. Found your blog through blog hopping :-). Your flower knot is lovely. I have no clue why this is a patented weave! Sounds strange to me. If people start copyrighting/patenting every swirl, curl and bend of wire, soon there will be nothing to create that is not some violation. And then most people think of very similar swirls and curls...can't yell at someone for twirling their wire in a certain way just because I twirled it that way too. Do you have any lawyer friends who can explain this? Also, if this is patented by the person named there, then how come it is being submitted by someone else? And the tutorial is given freely....so I don't understand the patented thing either.

    Oh well...enjoy making the lovely things you do...most probably this means nothing.

  2. I think it was patented so that another company couldn't take its name as 'Mobius Ball'

    1. Ahh, this took me long enough to understand..... Thanks, Patrick! Thanks, Simon Mead!!