March 5, 2010

Helm Sphere

Helm Sphere is 2 concave Helm circles zipped together. This picture shows one of the Helm circle; copper and brass rings zipped the 2nd circle on the other side. Inside the sphere is a hot pink crystal bead, not really propping up anything (the sphere holds its own shape well enough), just to add color and interests.

I added 2 sets of connector rings to the top and bottom of the sphere; one set is shown in this picture as the horizontal rings right in the center. They are not totally necessary, but make it easier to hang off a chain as a pendant.


Rings are all 18 gauge (WD 1.2 mm); the 2 circles are in bright aluminum in 2 sizes: 4.75 mm and 7.4 mm; the stitch rings are copper and jeweler's brass with ID 3 mm; all rings are left over from the mixed metal practice kit by Blue Buddha. The bead inside is 10 mm Swarovski crystal in hot pink with AB. I followed this tutorial from M.A.I.L., a fun one to experiment, and I DID:-)

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