March 2, 2010

Chainmaille Donut

Since the anodizer is still totally taking over my kitchen counter, had to find other ways to get me some food:-)

This started out as a test piece of double Vipera Berus. I first saw this weave by Clever Wench on Maillers Worldwide, and thought it'd be too much for me; then I read her tutorial... Bing! A light bulb moment! What a fun weave! But I didn't have enough rings to make a bracelet; soooo..... after 10 rows, I zipped it up and called it a ..... donut (was so hungry last night)!

18 gauge unanodized Nb rings from TRL (SXNO1814), WD 1.2 mm, ID 6.6 mm, AR 5.5, will do for a normal bracelet, bit too tight for this donut; or maybe I should have taken it to 12 rows before zipping it up? The last 2 rings took me forever; you can tell in the pictures, the ones with big gaps ... Oh well, they're locked in, not going anyway now.

So, should I color it, or not? Rainbow sprinkles are my favorite donuts.

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