February 28, 2010

Technicolor Bumble Bees

See what an anodizer can do to my plain old Niobium honey bee bracelet! The two extra links are now matching earrings!

Just in the rare chance that someone may be interested to know how to color these critters: After the bracelet is all done, fold and hang the whole thing on a short piece of Nb rod to anodize with an SMT Micro Anodizer from Reactive Metals Studio; do the dunk-and-dry several times with increased voltage to get all the colors possible in the spectrum; the drying part is important, otherwise the residual electrolyte (in this case, soapy water with dishwasher powder) on wet rings will take on new colors of any higher voltage. The fun part is the unfolding of the anodized bracelet; I have never tie-dyed before, but imagine this got to be just like it; seeing bands of colors burst into places all over the bracelet, I'm feeling the joy of being a hippie!!! btw, the earrings are anodized the same way except they have sterling silver ear wires that are put on after anodizing was done. Niobium won't oxide if there's silver in the electrolyte.

Now, can you say, "A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E"???

before and after:


  1. just looking makes me feel the color coolness buzzing through as if thousands of bee wings
    were fanning me on a hot summer day....

  2. Ahhh, love the sound of that! Isn't summer here yet??