February 3, 2010

King's Maille Bracelet for Jen, aka. Jen's Maille

This is a big boy! Big rings, thick wires, heavy duty bracelet! Everything "super-sized" from my first King's Maille bracelet.

The rings are from Urban Maille of Pine, CO; 14 gauge (1.6 mm) sterling silver, 12 mm inside ring diameter, very nice rings, and fast service too! Takes an avg. of 10.57 rings per inch for the body of the bracelet. The toggle bar and other smaller connector rings are hand made in 16 gauge silver wire.

The 9-ring mobius charm is made out of exact same rings as the body of the bracelet so that they can be used for future repair work just in case... Kind of like the extra buttons that come with a new outfit :-)

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