February 25, 2010


A very comfortable shape to wear on the wrist, GSG (for Great Southern Gathering) is like 2 columns of Half Persian 3-in-1 stacked upward. Like most HP weaves, it's a bit wobbly when starting, but becomes easier once it gets going. I mostly followed the GSG tutorial on CGMaille.com to make this bracelet; once it's past the first 3 units, I realized the pattern of "around-the-eye, thru-the-eye, thru-the-eye, around-the-eye" while alternating left to right and that every "unit" has 6 rings, with the last 2 rings doubled as the first 2 rings of the next unit (I hope I can remember this ....)

All materials are unanodized Niobium from The Ring Lord. Rings are 18 gauge, WD 1.2 mm, ID 5.6 mm, AR 4.67. The S hook is hand forged from 16 gauge wire following Scott David Plumlee's book: Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry.  I read this book back to back more times than I can remember, a must-have!!

Since I have an anodizer sitting in my garage, will give it a try in coloring some Nb rings; this should be fun:-)

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