January 27, 2010

PMP: European 6-in-1

Today's PMP homework: European 6-in-1.

The name pretty much says it all. 6 rings in each ring. I made this in 4 rows, instead of the more typical odd number rows, like 3 or 5. Looks just as fine, still symmetrical; the only difference is where the ends connect to the closure. Check out the slide show pictures for close-ups.

Rings are L18 from B3 in bright aluminum; I measured WD 1.2 mm, ID 6.7 mm, AR 5.58, takes 24 RPI for this 4-row version. Because of the even number of rows, I did the ends differently than in the DVD; I pulled the 2 middle row end rings together and threaded the connector rings perpendicular to the bracelet; seems to work OK, right?

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