January 26, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect: European 4-in-1

Finally went thru volume one of Spiderchain's video; lots to take in; watched it more than a few times; wish I could be in her live class to learn all the basics...

Anyway, here's my first PMP work (that is "practice makes perfect", not "project management professional", that would be boring...) A simple European 4-in-1 bracelet in H18 brass. So lacy, lays flat on the wrist, and holds its shape well. This bracelet was made following the instructions on the video. Next time, I'll try the CGMaille method, seems faster; I'll take any extra second I can save.

Just in case you watched last week's SNL, you may recognize this is the same pattern as the red/orange color chainmaille headdress the-whats-her-name was wearing... I found this blog entry that says it all :-) Yep, you could go crazy with this simple weave.

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