January 9, 2010

Full Persian

Sometimes known as Foxtail, an interesting pattern. For the longest time, I thought this is a variation of Boxchain... Silly me.

It's not a difficult weave to learn, given there's tons of info on the web and in books, magazines. But none is as good as the video on The Beading Gem's Journal. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be like a terabyte worth of words.

Stainless steel rings are from C&T Designs, 18 ga round, 1/4" ID; I measured them at about 1 mm thick, 6.3 mm ID; takes about 20 RPI for this FP 6-in-1. S hook is hand forged from 12 ga Argentium Sterling silver, salvaged from a failed experiment. Being green is a must when it comes to silver.

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