January 26, 2010

Caterpillar Necklace

Take 2 of the Centipede pattern from The Chain Maille Lady.

This time the rings are smaller AR than my first try, so the crystals stay in place. I skipped the no. 15 seed beads between the crystals; doesn't seem to need them in this necklace; the length of all bicones together is already pushing the maximum outside curve.

As a bracelet, the pattern stays put most of the time. But as a necklace, it doesn't seem to have enough width to remain in one direction. Although at 16.5", it wears more like a choker, which makes it somewhat manageable. I'm not sure about this exact pattern for a long necklace...

Rings are E18 in bright aluminum from B3; WD is 1.2 mm, ID is 3.6 mm, AR is 3.1, takes about 26.25 RPI; these rings come in a 500-ring pack for $9.50, so relatively inexpensive for doggie necklace. The crytals are 6 mm Swarovski bicones in 6 colors, 10 of each in Dark Indigo, Jet Hematite 2xAB, Crystal Metallic Blue, Montana, Crystal Medium Vitrail, and Black Diamond 2xAB, for a total of 60 crystals. The colors are not showing well in these pictures; they do sparkle a lot under the sun. As to the toggle, it's recycled from my Orbital bracelet, which is now ready for its "second incarnation" :-) The whole thing took me about 6 hours to finish; not sure why so much more than the first one. Maybe I should try it one more time, for good luck, as Spider would say.

Now I just need a french bulldog to model the necklace ....

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  1. Wow !!! What a beauty especially the blinking colors. Did you also make any matching bracelet?