January 14, 2010


Learn something new everyday, or every other day when it comes to Dragonscale. This is essentially 2 sets of European 4-in-1 trapped by each other. Sounds easy enough, but the execution is a totally different story.

I first read about this weave on CGMaille; its difficulty is listed at 2 out of 4. One would think this should be a no-brainer. Not true. This bracelet took me 2 days of neck-braking, eye-crossing, mind-boggling, intense, hard labor, not to mention more bruises on my hands. But the end result is worth it! I've not made anything so substantial yet still so comfortable on the wrist.

2 sizes of stainless steel rings: The large rings are from C&T Designs, 18 ga and 1/4" ID, I measured them at 1.2 mm WD and 6.3 mm ID. Note: I don't find this size on their website at the moment; not sure if they are out now, or stop carrying them. Very nice rings, sure hope they are just out for now.... The small rings are from The Ring Lords, 19 ga and 7/32" ID, I measured them at 1 mm WD and 3.9 mm ID. Body of bracelet is 7 rings wide, 47 rows long from point to point at center ring, making the total length at 6 1/4", 1/4" in thickness. Since each row is really two rows trapped by each other, so it's really 94 rows. The closure is 2 pairs of simple sterling silver toggles from my stash; way under sized and out of place, desperately needs improvement. I was so exhausted by the time I finished the body, just wanted to close it off and call it a day. So, there.

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