August 30, 2010

Chainmaille Kabob

OK, so these are not really kabobs, they're Whirlybirds with odd size rings and frilly edges, but don't they look yummy on a stick?!!

Whirlybird is a fun pattern, lots of possibilities if you just let your mind go (which I do on a regular basis:-) Don't worry about the ring sizes, the metal, colors, or even the number of rings, you can always compensate with even more variations. Just wing it as you go:-)

In the picture, left to right: Rosetta edging, bi-cone shape with even rows on top and bottom, lop-sided by using different size rings on top and on bottom, HP 3-1 edging (this is a Persian Vortex by Clever Wench).

As we're talking making Whirlybirds, check out this video by FalloftheNoldor. Isn't that cool?! This is what got me started. The more I play with this simple European on the round, the more variations there are! Oh, of course, the tea pot by Clever Wench on Maillers Worldwide is my favorite; so adorable and totally out of box!

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