August 30, 2010

More Upcycled Aluminum Flowers

There are more aluminum cans than I have time to turn them into decoration for my hair and my garden:-)

I got couple of questions on if recycled aluminum flowers are sturdy enough as hair ornaments or for jewelry. To be honest, I can wear them OK probably because I'm fairly careful with these things. But just for fun, I tested folding aluminum sheet 3 times, kind of like folding table napkins, to form the base of each petal. They are for sure stronger and hold their shapes well even with me swapping rings back and forth to find the right sizes.

The neat thing about making your own petals (or scales, whatever you call them) is you can make them any shape you want! Leaf shape petals make tropical plumeria flowers, and heart shape ones make for lucky 4-leaf clovers, specially if you make them in all green!

Here are how they look as hair clip or barrette. I didn't file the edges on these either because I was so anxious to try out more shapes and more ways to use them, like on hair sticks, hair forks... Besides, I'm really planning to tie these to my trees out in my garden, trying to save some water!!! (hee hee)

Check here for more pix.


  1. like those aluminum flowers, they are pretty & enjoyable in all types of shape, most of all, they are green. can't wait for their blossom in garden. have fun!!

  2. Thanks, 二嫂! Couldn't have done it without your excellent modeling and photographing:-)