March 20, 2011

Elfsheet Bracelet

Not much else beats the soft glow of this bronze and silver mix bracelet draped over your wrist like a lace ruffle from the Victorian days.

Made in the mischievous Elfweave pattern, this chainmaille bracelet will stay behaved on you, thanks to the 2 rows of Elf interlocking each other in opposite direction, forming a minimalist version of Elfsheet.  The handmade S clasp has a whimsical heart shape echoing the Elfsheet pattern throughout.

The bracelet measures at 7/8 inch wide, 7 1/2 inches long, with an extension to fit up to 8 1/4 inches; made in bronze and bright aluminum, except for the handmade clasp which is silver plated enamel copper.

See more of this bracelet here.  This bracelet is also available for purchase in my online studio

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