March 21, 2011

Sterling Silver Oops Finger Ring

One of my all time favorite chainmaille patterns: Oops:-) But ahh, there is nothing "oops" about this ring!  Precision-crafted from bare sterling wire, hand coiled and cut with a jeweler's saw into hundreds of tiny jump rings, then woven together to create this awesome ring. Talk about labor of love!

Unlike most commercially produced finger ring, chainmaille rings have the advantage of having a bold presence without the weight.  What is most unique about this ring is in the Oops pattern, where each jump ring interlocks its neighboring rings at such angles that produces the strongest hold with the thinnest ring shank/wall.

Enough tech talk:-) Here are the ring specs: The ring is size 5 1/4, measures at 7/16 inch wide, 1/8 inch thick, weighing at tad over 1/3 troy oz.

For more views of this ring, click here.

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