December 20, 2011

Nio Bubbles Earrings

Simple and elegant. My Nio Bubbles earrings are another @daisykreates original. Combining two of my favorite metals, niobium and stainless steel, I aim to create a pair of shoulder-duster length earrings that are light weight, delicate, fun to wear, and eye-catching!

These earrings measure 3 inches long from bottom of the surgical steel ear wires, down to the Swarovski crystals in Jet 2xAB, and each dotted with 5 colorful mobius bubbles in rainbow anodized niobium rings.

All materials are maintenance free, perfect for your next trip to the Bahamas, or to the farmers market:-)

This item is also available for purchase on my online store as "Nio Bubbles Earrings".

Click here for more views of the earrings.

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