January 9, 2014

Byzantine Stars Earrings

There's something magical about anodized niobium.....

and sterling silver:-)

Light bounces of them giving off such brilliance few other metals can.

Words are unnecessary.......

Very happy these pretty little custom ordered stars are going to their new home, yay!!

Interested in custom ordering for my handmade jewelry?  Send me a note or visit my online shop DaisyKreates.com for more styles and options:-)

Complete views are also available in my online Picasa web album.


  1. is this available in a kit?? pretty please :)

    1. Hi Skye,
      Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm all out of the materials for these earrings at the moment... So sorry :-( I'm hoping to have instructions written for these earrings next year (it's a a bit tough weaving the last few rings...) Then I'll have kits ready as well! Please stop by again for updated announcements.

      Thank you! Happy Holidays!!