January 19, 2014

Dutch Spiral is Cool!!

You're seeing this right; this is not chainmaille; it's seed bead weaving, one of my favorite crafts.  Been a while since I last did any...  For a new year, some new ideas brewing in my head, something mixed media...  First one to revisit is Dutch Spiral.

This odd-count tubular peyote weave is fascinating!  Yes, it's known as Dutch Spiral, but it's not woven in the typical spiral stitches.

It's done exactly as any odd-count tubular peyote, except it has a "floating bridge" added to each round.  This is where the magic beings!!

My test piece is just a short segment of size 11 mixed with size 6 for the ridge effect, followed by a string of 3-bead, size 15, "floating bridge".  The starting rounds can be a bit confusing, but not as tricky as some other spirals or tubular weaves.

Not too many chainmaille weaves that I know of can do spirals as dramatic and flexible; Markovian Helix may be one, but it's not exactly a quick weave to put together.

This short strip of test piece took longer than I planned; very tactile but still need work before production feasible.

So yes, more R&D, as always.  But I'm very excited about Dutch Spiral; I see lots of potential!!!



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