April 5, 2014

Genie Bottle Pendant in Raven Black

One of my favorite Genie Bottles in monochrome black.

It's difficult to photograph black on black ....

See what I mean?
But this black beauty is totally versatile.  Be it raven black, jet black, onyx black, or black galaxy, it's a little bit of everything, reserved, goth-looking, mysterious, unexpected, still goes perfectly with any outfit, in any occasion, day and night!

I'm glad my friend Joanna asked for one of these; I might not have tried this color scheme on my own, mostly because I already wore so much black, LOL!!!

Took me way longer to prepare photos for this pretty pendant than to make it.  One day I'll figure this one out.

Available as customer through my online studio!!

More pix?  Please visit my online albums: Google+ and Flikr.

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