April 5, 2014

R&D - Triple Layered Scale Maille Flower via The Ring Lord

Pretty cool, huh?

Want to learn how to make a triple layered scale flower?  Watch this TRL's video tutorial by Bernice.

I saw it a while back, but never had all the parts on hand, until now:-)

The only detail I added are the additional 18 swg 1/4" rings that go thru each punched hole of the middle layer large scales and the center of the flower; without these extra rings, the top and middle layers tend to shift freely; with these added rings, the scales remain in place and the whole piece stays well in flower shape even when thrown around or dropped.

Oh btw, if the plan is to make a triple layered flower, I'd recommend weaving the rings as such from the beginning, because when fiddling with those 18 swg aluminum rings one too many times, they tend to get marred, and the scales get scratched:-(


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