September 9, 2013

Lorenz's Forget-Me-Not Necklace

When I was making the Forget-Me-Not earrings for my dear friend Kathy, I was hoping I'll make a matching necklace so they can go together as a set, like the first set I made years back.  Should be quick and easy, right?  cuz I've done it once already, and I have enough niobium rings anodized in all colors of the interference spectrum.  Let's get started!

Well, then the "what-if" side of me took over (again), and I wanted an update for this set, something still the straight forward Forget-Me-Not weave, but with a spin.

 First of all, I set the little "falling petal" ring back to the upright position, as opposed to the downward direction in my previous set.  Then I thought the focal design of necklace just looked better when it's on opposite direction facing each other.

That worked out well, except for the center triplet.....

Several go-arounds on finding the right size rings, some trial and error, flip up and flip down, dangles or no dangle ....  Long story short, this is the final look.

A short 16" choker style necklace, which is not my kind of necklace.  Added a 2" extension at the back makes it an 18"; much better!  Flexibility is a good thing:-)

Speaking of flexibility, the center beads are AB coasted on one side only, i.e., the other side is clear with a foiled-back, silver sparkly look.  So, wear it on the "top side" of the "flip side", your choice!  Bit unexpected bonus, cool!

I'm rather pleased with the final look.  A simple structure, classic symmetry, pops of colors, shiny but not noisy.  It all ends well!

This necklace is available for custom order thru my online studio  Just drop me a note via the Contact form on right!

More photos?  Please visit my Picasa web album!

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