September 4, 2013

Lorenz's Forget-Me-Not Earrings

Made these earrings as a special order for my dear friend Kathy, who already bought a pair of these for herself earlier this year; now getting another pair for her sister.

I'm so glad I have the opportunity to come back to this weave after more than two years ago when I first learned it.  So simple, so cute!  Lots of ways to expand on these.   

Compared to the original weave, I'm hanging these upside down, seems more natural this way for earrings.

One of these days, I'll make a pair with the petals going the right way, upward, that is:-)

Incidentally, I hand saw these niobium rings with a 4/o saw blade.  I wasn't too sure if these blades will work on 17 swg coils; the wire is 1.31 mm.  Well, as you can see, it did work, not very difficult at all.

Couple of things worth noting:

1. I used Rio Grande's Burr Life liberally on the blade, and it cuts much better than all my previously improvised lubricants.  Burr Life, good stuff to have.

2. Niobium gets warm rather quickly when worked on, this includes when being forged and being cut.  I could feel the temperature warming up thru the masking tape around the coil....

It's always a good day when I learn something new:-)


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