October 24, 2013

Celtic Rose Sheet Bracelet in Hexagonal Tesselation

I just realized that I've not recorded my Celtic Rose Hex Sheet bracelet in my blog yet!  Guess I was too excited (and exhausted) when I finally got done with it:-)

I made this for one of the 2012 weave challenges on MWW, which I really enjoyed immensely.  Not that I made it through every one of them, but I did try my best, and I learned quite a bit.

So, this lacy little weave, Celtic Rose Sheet Hexagonal Tesselation, wasn't too difficult to make.  The key is to understand where the connection points are from one "rose unit" to the next.  I'm a bit more "free" when it comes to the ring sizes, I noticed that so long as I can fit the small ring just inside of a medium ring, the rest was more or less "negotiable".  It may also helped when I gave up on actually making a sheet which could be more daunting than a straight bracelet form, more or less:-)

btw, this is not exactly my first try at the weave.  Below is my first try:

I actually like this color contrasts better, a more distinct, tri-color look; but the large copper rings are wee bit too large, making the units a little floppy; also with copper rings at such high AR, they are kind of weak, and that is not a good thing.....

Comparing to the final ring combination here:

So much more better, right?  Hee hee:-)

And it lays nicely on the wrist with a low profile, very form-fitting, closes with a handmade toggle bar connecting to the last rose unit on the other end of the bracelet, making the whole thing almost seamless.

In case anyone is interested, here's what I used: JB 18swg 5/16", Bronze 18swg 7/32", BA 19swg 5/32".

Or, skip the DIY steps, just come over to my online studio DaisyKreates.com and pick this one up for yourself, or your loved one!  Easy, peasy:-)

Complete views of the bracelet are here.


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