October 31, 2013

Japanese Dodecaheron Chainmaille Cufflinks

I've been wanting to make these cuff links for a while.... ever since I saw the beautiful cuff links by Corvus in sterling silver.  Very inspired!!

So I thought, what can I do to give my cuff links a little something extra, something to set them apart from the traditional style, like this?

Well, I didn't come up with much... it's hard to improve upon perfection, which the Japanese Dodcahedron is as far as sphere shape goes.  As you can see, and I hope you agree, the little spunky cuff link is already beyond adorable.

So, if there's not much I can add in the front, how about the back, huh?

I'm a big fan of tassels:-)  Anything that swings, moves, with some sparkles, something shiny!

I like these the best in that the tassels are optional.  You can wear the cuff links with or without the tassels.  Yes, I'm all for having options:-)


Or.... a little extra!!

Your choice!!

These lovely cufflinks are now available in my online studio DaisyKreates.com.  Hope you'll come by for a visit.

As for you DIYers out there, I used the fabulous square wire rings 20-C from C and T Designs for the Japanese balls, with a 6 mm Swarovski #5040 inside to plump it up.  Now you know:-)

Thank you for stopping by my blog!  Would love to hear from ya!!



  1. Omg... I think I might be making some cufflinks for xmas!

    1. Yay, that'd be fantastic!! The more, the merrier!!