November 12, 2013

Holiday Trinket 2013 in Japanese 8 in 2 Captive 1

Yes, I know the closures on this are rather embarrassing, but I'm so very happy that I finally, finally, (wait, wait for this....) learn how to read "Maillese", that's if that is a word, or a language:-)

Japanese 8 in 2 Captive 1 is a weave that I had wanted to do almost from day one when I started mailling, because ....  well, it looked easy enough, and yet so pretty.

Well, that was over 4 years ago.  I tried many times; none worked; googled all over; no samples.  The most recent attempt was about 6 months ago; failed.  I gave up.

Then, I saw this discussion by CMB on MAIL.  OMG!!  What can I say?  If only I learned how to "read"!  I totally misunderstood what the "Captive" means......  so sad:-(

OK, so this is what I made last night; a shameless copy of Zlosk's weave entry, along with my WIP photos.


et, voila!

It's looking so, so pretty!!  And feels nice too with the weight of the stainless steel and bronze rings in a very rigid form.

Specs are exactly as what CMB said in the discussion thread: stainless steel 18 swg, 3/16" and bronze 18 swg, 1/4".  But I think I made the mistakes in using saw cut rings, which looked to be little smaller AR than the machine cut rings.  I absolutely did not "mind the gaps", LOL!!

These sure make very pretty holiday trinkets, don't you think? :-)

btw, I also made a little sibling for this trinket; wanna see?  Come over here.

More pix?  Please visit my Picasa web album.

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