July 27, 2012

Andromeda's Genie Bottle Pendant

Andromeda, the princess warrior of Greek mythology, our closest neighbor galaxy in this tiny universe, or the sentient warship of Captain Dylan Hunt?

Whichever Andromeda answers your call, this genie bottle is all of them.
And more!

 Handcrafted in bright and anodized aluminum jump rings, with a classic Czech flower bead and vintage Swarovski crystals, this pendant sports the colors of blue, pink, and purple, evoking the essences of intelligence, femininity, and bravery.

This genie bottle pendant comes on a 32-inch long stainless steel curb chain, closes with a stainless steel lobster clasp that can be worn at back of neck, or in front as a catch for the pendant bail.

To take home Andromeda's Genie Bottle pendant, please visit my online studio DaisyKreates.com for a custom order.


** Custom Request **

As a customized request, I also created a pair of charms for Andromeda's Genie Bottle hanging off a double wrist chain.

Another way of "holding/bracing" the charms:-)

For complete views of the Andromeda Genie Bottle creation, click here.

~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~

Thanks to Noldolantë of MailleArtisanInternationalLeague for the creation of Whirlybird weave, the main body of my Genie Bottle design.


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