July 9, 2012

Flora Genie Bottle Earrings

Be the goddess of spring! Be the goddess of chic!

In honor of the Roman goddess of spring, this pair of genie bottle earrings are also named Flora for its fresh colors of pink, yellow, and green.

Thanks to the new and improved chainmaille material, these earrings shine with extra twinkles, echoing the sparkles that we so adore of Swarovski crystals!

Show off these genie bottle earrings and sprinkle the bouquet of joy over your shoulders!

With this complete ensemble of genie power, no Roman goddesses ever looked as chic as you!!!

Available for purchase:

Earrings **SOLD**

More pix?  Click here:-)

~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~
Thanks to Noldolantë of MailleArtisanInternationalLeague for the creation of Whirlybird weave, the main body of my Genie Bottle design.


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