July 26, 2012

Half Persian 3 in 1 - Crystal Flannel Bracelet in Red and Grey

Crystal Flannel Bracelet in Red and Grey


This is a Half Persian 3 in 1 Chainmaille Bracelet, with double personalities:-)

It's thick in profile, chunky looking, but light weight and rather lacy on the wrist.

Made of bright aluminum jump rings, the structure of the bracelet is woven in classic Half Persian 3 in 1 with alternating big and small Persian units; encased within each big unit is 8 mm Swarovski bicone crystals in red and grey, the colors of passion and poise, excitement and tranquility.

Wrap this bracelet on your wrist and feel the soft and airy touch of the metal rings resting on your skin, reminding you of the caress of that comfy red and grey flannel shirt.....

Hence the name, Crystal Flannel bracelet:-)

This bracelet measures at 1/2-inch wide, 3/8-inch thick, and provides a comfortable fit as a 7 1/2-inch bracelet.

For complete views of Crystal Flannel, click here.

Interested in taking home this understated beauty?  My Crystal Flannel bracelet is available for purchase in my online studio DaisyKreates.com.


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