July 31, 2012

Autumn's Genie Bottle Pendant and Earrings

In red, gold, and black.

 After several genie bottles of spring and summery flares, I was looking to create a different color combination that's more into the fall season.

 Not exactly the typical harvesting orange and brown, but more festive, to celebrate and enjoy!

Oh and btw, red, gold, and black also happen to be the colors of the German flag!  What do you know!!! :-)

For the ear lopes, add the matching earrings for extra sparkles to the genie bottle pendant.

The simpler 2-strand tassels let the brilliant colors take center stage, with just enough extra sway to delight your every step.


And, you'll be ready for the next masquerade party!

Reward yourself or give these genie bottles as well-wish gifts, come by my online studio DaisyKreates.com for

Autumn's Genie Bottle Pendant/Necklace **SOLD**
Autumn's Genie Bottle Earrings

For more views, visit my Picasa web album.


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