May 5, 2013

Genie Bottle Earrings in Golden Pink Orange

Yes, that's "Golden Pink Orange!"

A pair of genie bottle earrings for the totally girly girl!

Made in the chainmaille whirlybird weave, my genie bottle earrings are a modern interpretation of the ancient magic.

Exaggerated proportion; stylized design. Not to mention the fresh colors of golden, pink, and orange, with a hint of red.  Every bit of these cuties is a joy to have.

Made of anodized aluminum for the metallic hues, stainless steel to hold the dainty structure, and Swarovski crystals for the bling factor!

The earrings are 2 inches long, 5/8 inch wide, each weights only 0.1 oz.

This item is available for purchase in my online studio

Visit my Picasa web album for the complete views.

Thinking of a necklace to go along with these earrings?  Look no further.  Check out my Jeannie's Genie Bottle Pendant/Necklace.

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