May 31, 2013

Moorish Rose Chainmaille Handflower

I've always wanted to make a handflower, or slave bracelet, but never had the chance, until now!

This is a small patch of Moorish Rose, 7 units of Mobius, with a mix of colorful glass farfalle beads in the center of each.

This is a similar technique as my Moorish Rose Cuff but with farfalle beads.  Btw, I think it's possible to use wire techniques with either farfalle beads or any 2-hole beads to inset the beads without beading wire.  But that's a different story for another day:-)  Now back to the handflower.

Does this picture look like a little bunny?  LOL!  I thought so.  But here it clearly shows how flexible this handflower is.  It has long loops in Spiral 4 in 1 that can fit on just about any finger.  The long bracelet section has lots of Mobius units to fit up to 8 inches, like so ....

I'm quite pleased at how this handflower turned out.  A marriage of ancient romanticism and futuristic modernism.

This Moorish Rose handflower is available for purchase in my ArtFire shop.

For complete views of the handflower, please visit my Picasa web album.


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